Themes & Banners design services

One of the first tasks of every affiliate program owner is to customize the affiliate signup page design and affiliate panel design. Basic customizations are very easy in Post Affiliate Pro and every web designer should be able to do them, but this might not be enough for you.

Our professional team of web designers can help you with implementation of more complex design changes in Post Affiliate Pro templates.

Our Web Design services cover following tasks:

  1. Creation of unique Post Affiliate Pro themes (Affiliate Signup page and Affiliate Panel)
  2. Integration of Post Affiliate Pro with your existing website design
  3. Design of custom themes (Affiliate Signup page and Affiliate Panel)
  4. Website graphics creation (banners, icons, illustrations, back textures, etc.)
  5. Banners decoration (holiday decoration, thematic graphics)
  6. Development of image banners (includes peel banners design)
  7. Design of flash banners

Before we can proceed with web design services, we  will need  the following from you:

  • If you are requesting a new affiliate program theme (signup page and affiliate panel design), we need the URL of your website with your current corporate design
  • If you would like us to use your logo or any special graphical elements in your theme, please send them to us as part of your request
  • If you are requesting banner design, we will need to know the following:
    — theme of the banner (e.g. adult website, hosting, cars, etc.)
    — required text
    — width and length of the banner
    — maximum size of the banner
    — other requirements when applicable

How web design services work:

  1. Please send us your request for web design services by email. Please describe all your requirements and expectations in this email.
  2. Our support agent will answer your mail within 24 hours and send you a quote. We charge $40 per hour, and price could vary depending on complexity of your request.
  3. After your confirmation of the quote we will send you a payment link
  4. After your order is processed, our designers will start to work on your request. We usually we begin work within next 24-48 hours.
  5. After a designer finishes the concept of your design, he will send it to you for approval. If you are not satisfied, you can suggest revisions.
  6. Right after your approval of concept, a designer will start with implementation into templates, or e.g. to a flash banner.
  7. We will notify you immediately after design implementation is ready and you can then approve the design changes or suggest revisions.

NOTE: Design requests are processed during business days only! Please note that design service is not performed on weekends and national holidays. If you place your request on Friday, we will most likely send you a quote on Monday. Please consider the time zone shift between your location and our team, which is located in European Union (GMT+1).

How much does it cost ?

We charge $40 per hour. Consultations regarding specification of your design or banner are free of charge. Discover more detailed prices.

Custom design examples