Post Affiliate Pro Installation service

Start with affiliate marketing as soon as possible and allow our support crew to handle all initial installation tasks. With our installation service you can avoid technical problems from the very start, problems that could disappoint you before you even begin your affiliate program!

If you already have your e-commerce website and hosting space for affiliate software, and you would like to have Post Affiliate Pro software installed by experienced professionals, our installation service can be solution for you.

Our installation service covers the following steps:

  • Testing of your server environment compatibility with Post Affiliate Pro
  • New database setup
  • Copying of all required Post Affiliate Pro files to your server (Includes files related to ordered plugins and features)
  • Installation of Post Affiliate Pro
  • Installation of Cron task or Scheduled task (execution of periodical tasks required by some features)
  • Test of click tracking and sale tracking in the test page, delivered with Post Affiliate Pro (this is not a test of tracking on your website)
  • Email functionality testing
  • Testing to ensure periodical tasks are executed in the background (e.g. processing of clicks, impressions, sending of emails)

Before we can proceed with installation we will need you to provide:

  1. FTP or SSH access to your hosting account (server host name, username and password) — so we can copy Post Affiliate Pro files to your server
  2. Access to your server control panel and database manager (e.g. CPanel, WHM, Plesk, …). We will create a new MySql database for Post Affiliate Pro, and following installation we will setup a Cron task
  3. The URL where we will install Post Affiliate Pro, including folder name if you don’t want to install it in root of your domain

How the installation service works:


  1. We perform all installations upon request! Immediately after ordering Post Affiliate Pro and getting access to the members area, you can download the latest version of Post Affiliate Pro, and you will have two options:
    a) You can install Post Affiliate Pro on your own, using the description from our knowledge base. Installation is pretty easy and straight forward and  the installation wizard will lead you through the required steps.
    b) You can request installation services by submitting a new ticket to our support crew, with all of the required data (FTP access, control panel access, etc.)
  2. After we will receive your installation request, our support crew will begin with the installation process.
    a) If your server environment doesn’t meet the Post Affiliate Pro requirements, our team will contact you and explain what you should change in your server environment. You can forward our reply directly to your hosting provider; you don’t need to do it on your own.
    b) if your server meets all requirements, our team will complete the entire installation.
  3. Once the installation is complete, we will notify you by email. Notification email will contain confirmation of a successful installation, as well as the user credentials required for merchant panel access.

NOTE: Installation requests are processed during business days only, and it takes approximately 24 hours to begin from the time we receive the initial request! Please note that installation services are not performed on weekends and national holidays in Slovakia. If you place an installation request on Friday, your installation will most likely be finished on Monday. Please consider the time zone shift between your location and our support team. Our support team is located in European Union (GMT+1).

How much does it cost ?

Installation service is FREE! We want to be sure that you begin your affiliate program powered by Post Affiliate Pro, without any technical glitches. You should stay focused on your affiliate program and not on the technical aspects of the affiliate software installation.

What should I do after the installation has been completed?

Immediately after Post Affiliate Pro is installed on your server, you should integrate it with your e-commerce website. Please read more about our Integration service.