Full Integration

Stay focused on your affiliate program and allow us to integrate your current e-commerce website with Post Affiliate Pro.

Our professional team will integrate your affiliate software with your e-commerce site and payment processor and then test it to ensure the integration works and to resolve all possible technical problems that you might experience during integration.

Integration of Post Affiliate Pro is technically an easy task, which consists of mostly copying & pasting small snippets of HTML code, but you will need to know exactly where to paste the code, as well as understanding the timing of calls between sales, sale registration and payment processing.
Our team has daily experience with integrating Post Affiliate Pro with more than 500 different shops, CMS systems, payment processors and web hosting companies. We can perform integration much faster than you or your web designer, thus saving your time for more important tasks.

If you ordered and installed Post Affiliate Pro, our integration service could be solution for you.

Our integration service covers following tasks:

  • Integration of click tracking code — click integration code is inserted into every page of your e-commerce website (e.g. in footer of page)
  • Integration of sale tracking code — sale integration code is pasted into the «Thank you» page of your shop or we integrate call back procedures of your payment processor
  • Integration of your installation with Cron — setup of periodical execution of background tasks required in Post Affiliate Pro
  • Testing of click tracking
  • Testing of sale tracking (if there is any way to make a test purchase for free)
  • Campaign setup

Before we can proceed with the integration we will need the following from you:

  • Merchant access to your installation of Post Affiliate Pro
    (URL of your installation, merchant user name, password)
  • FTP or SSH or admin access to your current e-commerce website (we will need to edit templates of your website) and maybe access to your shopping cart or payment processor
  • Your requirements — we will setup campaigns in your affiliate program following your description and wishes.
    (e.g. special requirements for commissions structure, performance rewards, commission groups of your affiliates, forced matrix, etc.)
  • SWREG order number — we need to confirm that you ordered integration service

How integration service works:

  1. You should order the Full integration service.
    You can order it separately or you can order the Post Affiliate Pro Ultimate edition that includes this service in its price
  2. Send an integration request email to our support  with the required information. Describe your wishes and requirements.
  3. Once we get the required information from you, we will schedule your integration to our support team. In average we start within next 1-3 business days to work on your integration.
  4. Our team will integrate Post Affiliate Pro with your e-commerce website following your requirements.
  5. We will test the integration, if you allow us to simulate a test sale on your website
  6. We will notify you, when the integration is finished

NOTE: Integrations are processed during business days only, and it takes approximately 24 hours to start the integration after the initial request! Please note that integration services are not performed on weekends and national holidays in Slovakia. If you place integration requests on Friday most likely your integration will be scheduled for Monday. Please consider the time zone shift between your location and our support team. Our support team is located in European Union (GMT+1).

How much does it cost ?

Full integration service costs $299.
Average integration takes up to 8 hours of work. If you multiply it with your hour rate, you will see that spending $299 is much cheaper than doing it alone. Click here to place the order now.

Do you need more ?

Fully installed and integrated affiliate software is not all that we can offer you! Every affiliate program is unique and possibly can accomplish anything with Post Affiliate Pro.

Our wide range of services will allows you to order special customizations and plugins. We can customize Post Affiliate Pro and extend it with functions that are required in your affiliate program.

Important note

If you purchase a Post Affiliate Pro Ultimate hosted license, the integration service comes in for free. However, if you decide to downgrade from such license after the integration is done, you have to pay the difference of integration cost, or stay on the plan for at least 3 months.

Please read more about custom development services.